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Kathleen-Cooke-latest-Headshot-11-e1352318777762Kathleen grew up in “Sin City”–Las Vegas, Nevada–often seeing life as transient and shallow. The daughter of a championship basketball coach and Bible-toting mom, Kathleen’s brother’s death at age 5 left her feeling that she needed to be a perfectionist and replacement to her parents to stop their pain. She learned at a tender age how to encourage and champion others rather than herself and to be an influence even if you’re placed in the shadow of a designated leader.

Entering college in Oklahoma she was an overachiever and pursued teaching to please her parents. After becoming a mom and through the encouragement of her husband she began to pursue her real passion–acting. Through life’s twists and turns in 1991 she moved from Oklahoma to California with her husband, Phil, and their two daughters and began their media production company–Cooke Pictures, in Burbank, CA, USA.
Kathleen’s had multiple careers as a wife and mom, an elementary/special education teacher, a media executive, award-winning Hollywood actress, a global speaker, and writer. She co-directed the global Biola Media conference, and co-founded and directed the national women’s ASCEND Conference,

Today Kathleen is the co-founder and Vice President of Cooke Pictures and the Influence Lab where she is a key creative executive. She leads Influence Women, a faith centered nonprofit that champions women to be global thinkers and to use their talents and abilities to change culture.  Her Influence monthly journal is read by thousands, Kathleen keeps her suitcase packed as she writes and speaks globally on matters of faith, culture, and media. She’s an adjunct media professor at Asbury University and is on the national advisory board for the Salvation Army, and advisory boards for Hollywood Prayer Network, Hollywood Connect and 4WordWomen. Kathleen is currently working on a devotional due out in Fall 2017 with Broad Street Publishers. Kathleen lives in Burbank, CA with her husband, Phil. They have two daughters, son-law, and two grandchildren.
Kathleen’s background and experiences have given her a unique vantage point. She understands the impact of media on today’s global culture. Her passion is to raise up a new media-wise generation and inspire and equip professionals working in media and entertainment to engage their communities and the larger culture with a message of hope and significance.